Solar Energy With Battery Storage

Solar Energy With Battery Storage

Solar Energy With Battery Storage

All across our nation, homeowners are beginning to realize the true power of the sun and are making the switch to go solar. From lower electricity bills, to solar tax incentives, environmental benefits and more, the advantages of a solar panel installation continue to impress.

Thanks to improved technology in the solar industry, many are opting to have a solar battery storage system to store excess energy produced by their solar panels, and to provide backup power when their home or business needs it most. Learn all about solar batteries including their advantages and disadvantages with Coastal Solar Palmdale.

Solar Energy With Battery Storage

How Do Solar Batteries Work?

Solar panels produce energy by converting the sun’s light into a form of energy that can be utilized by our homes and businesses. This energy is then transferred to your existing electricity inverter, which converts it from DC voltage to AC voltage so you can use it in your home safely. When your solar panels are working optimally during peak sunlight hours, they may often produce excess electricity in comparison to what your home energy or business needs are. With solar energy storage systems, this sun power is not wasted and is instead stored for later use when there isn’t enough sunlight available for solar panels to produce sufficient energy.

​The main purpose of solar batteries is to provide backup power when your grid power goes out. Many homeowners with solar panels opt to get a battery storage system because they know that in certain situations (i.e. bad weather, power outage), their solar panels may not produce enough energy to keep the lights on in their home. With a battery storage system, homeowners can go without grid power for longer periods of time and be reassured that they will have a backup supply of electricity throughout the duration.

Different Types Of Solar Batteries

When it comes to choosing your battery system, you want to make sure you choose one that makes sense for your needs. Residential customers will likely need a different battery than business owners in commercial-sized buildings. ​

Lithium-ion Batteries

One of the most popular solar batteries for homes is a lithium-ion battery, and with good reason too. The one knock on these is the price, however, due to shifting demand, these have become more available. Most homeowners will tell you that the investment in these residential batteries that are durable and performs as well as this one will end up saving you money against cheaper energy storage systems. Lithium-ion batteries are small and light but can provide your home with plenty of stored energy for whenever you need it. They have an excellent depth of discharge (DoD) at about 80%. This percentage represents the capacity of the battery that can be discharged in comparison to the entire capacity of a fully charged battery. It is not recommended to fully discharge a battery, as this can begin to reduce its lifespan. With lithium-ion batteries, if you have a 10 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery, you can discharge it safely up to 8 kWh.

Lead-Acid Battery

These are more cost-friendly when it comes to your initial investment, however, they will need to be replaced sooner than their lithium ion counterparts. They also have a considerably lower recommended DoD at only about 30-50%. Lead acid batteries still remain a very popular choice on the market today.

Nickel Cadmium Battery

This type of solar battery is used when large amounts of energy storage capacity is required. They have a high depth of discharge, up to 90%, and are also very durable to stand up to extreme weather. It is very important to dispose of these properly, as cadmium causes pollution in landfills or when it is burned. You will often pay a fee to make sure that is disposed of in an eco-friendly fashion. After all, the environmental benefits are one of the biggest incentives to go solar in the first place.

Flow Batteries

​These differ greatly from other battery cells, as they are made up of two chemical liquid tanks separated by a membrane. This energy storage system has the capability to store a lot of renewable energy and has a justifiable DoD up to 75%. However, the materials cost of these can be on the higher side.

Salt Water Battery

Another highly innovative and interesting battery system, these store electrical energy purely from electrolytes and do not rely on any type of heavy metals. These are one of the most environmentally-friendly batteries money can buy, however, they are still relatively new to the industry and may need some further development. We currently would not recommend a salt water battery for a whole home backup.

Expected Lifespan Of A Solar Battery

How long your solar battery lasts will depend on a few factors including the type that you choose, the usage, and upkeep. As we mentioned, you want to make sure to not discharge too many kilowatt-hours from the fully charged battery. Lithium-ion batteries for solar will last up to 10 years or 10,000 charge cycles. Lead-acid batteries as previously stated have shorter lifespans at about 3-5 years.

Warranty Coverage

A common question homeowners have when considering a battery storage system is whether or not it will void their existing warranty for their solar panels. The simple answer to this question is no. The warranty coverage provided by your company will not be affected in any way when you choose to add a solar battery storage system. The warranty coverage is typically close to the same as the expected life expectancy of the battery.

Solar System Maintenance

Fortunately, there is very little maintenance required for solar panels and battery systems. You should not need to have your solar panel system serviced more than once per year and often times less than that, unless you are noticing issues such as your panels not being able to generate electricity or your battery is unable to store energy as it should. Having it serviced by a local solar company should only cost a couple to a few hundred dollars each time they come out. Dust and debris can be easily removed with a hose and leaf blower a few times per year.

Cost Effective Alternative To Gas Generators

​​Because gas and electricity rates continue to rise and threaten to become more expensive than ever before, many homeowners are looking for alternative sources of electricity to power their homes. Solar batteries are one of the most cost-effective energy solutions homeowners can rely on, as they allow for a potentially free source of energy that is not dependent on polluting fossil fuels and instead utilizes the power of renewable energy.

Lower Your Electric Bill

By putting off grid solar panels and solar batteries in New Mexico, you will effectively decrease your electric bill, helping you save money each month. Since solar panels do not produce any electricity during the evening hours or on cloudy days, it is important to have a backup source of power so your home is never without access to electricity. With solar batteries, homeowners can continue to enjoy lower monthly energy bills because they are able to store the electricity to be used at times when your solar panels are not generating electricity. A PV system alone will have convincingly lower your electric bill and your reliance on the utility company. Solar battery storage systems take this a step further and allow you to be even less reliant on grid energy.

Go Off Grid With Energy Storage

​​If you hope to install solar panels and have complete energy independence from the power grid, a solar battery system is a must. Solar panels do not produce energy at night, but the electrical power they produce can be stored to power your home when the sun isn’t shining. When you decide to go off grid, you will receive no power from the electric grid, so you want to make sure that A) Your solar panel system produces enough electricity to power your home and B) you have enough battery storage to house electricity at the same time. This will usually require multiple batteries if you want to avoid power outages. Make sure to ask your solar installer about the equipment you will need in order to have a solar system that is not grid-tied.

Cleaner Energy

​​When you put off grid solar batteries in place, you are ensuring that you will be using clean energy to power your home. With solar energy, there is no reliance on fossil fuels and all of the clean and sustainable energy will come directly from your own solar panels. By deciding to go solar you are lowering your carbon footprint and making the Earth a more sustainable place to live for future generations.

More Advantages Of Solar Backup Power

​The typical emergency backup use is what most people consider when talking about solar batteries. However, solar batteries can also provide other benefits that are rarely discussed. Many homeowners overlook the fact that they can use their battery systems to power their homes during non-emergency situations as well. For instance, many areas of our country continue to suffer from an ongoing drought issue, and while it may not be considered an emergency situation for some, the drought has definitely impacted many homeowners in ways they may not even realize. Let’s say a family is on vacation for two weeks and won’t be home to water their lawns or flowers during this time period. For those families who don’t have a pool, this can mean major damage to their yard and gardens if left unattended for the duration. With a solar battery storage system, this family can rest assured that they will have backup power to maintain their lawn and gardens, even when away from home for long periods of time.

Solar Is Covered Under Homeowner’s Insurance

​​Solar batteries and solar panels are considered appliances under the law, so they are also covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy. Adding a solar system will not change your current insurance policy, so you can enjoy this added benefit and rest easy knowing it is protected.

No Need For Backup Generators

Do you rely on backup generators when your power goes out? If so, you’re not alone – many homeowners across the country do the exact same thing each time there is a power outage. However, using a solar battery storage system eliminates the need for these expensive backup generators and can save you thousands of dollars each year.

Disadvantages Of Solar Battery Storage Systems

​For all the added benefits that batteries add to a solar energy system, there are a couple of drawbacks. The upfront cost is of course something to consider. While they can help reduce or possibly eliminate electric bills and provide long-term financial gain, the initial cost for the equipment and installation can range anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000.

Net Metering

In states such as California, net metering laws allow residences and businesses to sell excess energy generated by their solar system back to the electric grid. Of course, if you have batteries installed to store energy, you will not be able to take advantage of this.

Most Popular Solar Batteries

​There are many great choices on the market today. Some of the top choices include the LG RESU, Generac PWRcell, Sonnen Eco, and the Tesla Powerwall which has an astonishing 13.5 kilowatt-hour storage capacity and 100% DoD! All of these are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Critical Load Panel

​If opting for solar energy storage, it’s important to invest in a critical load panel. This will help to make sure that the stored electricity is being used to back up the appliances it’s supposed to be and not feeding into your existing electrical panel. These are also essential for preventing electrical system failures and help ensure that you are getting the most out of your battery storage systems helping you save money.

Charge Controller

In order to make sure that you are not overcharging your solar battery, it’s important to invest in a charge controller. This will regulate the rate at which your panels transfer electricity and are one of the latest improvements in solar technologies.

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