What Are 5 Advantages Of Solar Energy

What Are 5 Advantages Of Solar Energy

What Are 5 Advantages Of Solar Energy

​One of the most abundant renewable sources of energy, solar panels generate electricity that can be used in homes and businesses nationwide and all across California where solar energy is the most popular. What are some advantages of using solar power? If you get us started, we could go on for days! For time’s sake, we will stick with what we believe are the top 5 benefits of installing a solar panel system.

What Are 5 Advantages Of Solar Energy

Solar Panels Produce Clean and Renewable Energy

Solar panels do not generate pollution or greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. When the sun shines, solar panels generate electricity without producing any emissions or waste. Did you know that coal and natural gas are one the dirtiest fossil fuels on our planet? This is what powerplants use to generate electricity and directly cause air pollution. You may have heard why this is dangerous for our planet, but let us explain why.

Carbon Dioxide Traps Heat

When burned, coal and natural gas emit carbon dioxide into the air. Carbon dioxide, or CO2, has the ability to “trap” the Earth’s heat. Picture yourself under a blanket that is tucked into all four corners of the bed, there’s nowhere for the heat to escape. That is a similar effect that takes place when burning fossil fuels. This in turn heats up the planet. When this happens, more water is forced to evaporate into the atmosphere, which heats up the planet even further. We can’t just try to suck water vapor out of the air, because natural evaporation from plants, oceans, rivers, etc would replace it immediately. Water vapor in the air is not the issue, in fact, it is a necessity an important greenhouse gas. However, the release of so much CO2 in the air has caused too much water to evaporate, which as we mentioned, is a double whammy when it comes to heating up our earth and causing our current climate crisis. A renewable energy source that does not contribute to air pollution is what we need for the sustainability of our planet. Solar energy is an environmentally friendly, clean energy that we can rely on for as long as our sun is burning. By installing solar panels, you are immediately lowering your carbon footprint and helping future generations.
Nuclear energy is another eco-friendly form that is helping to save our planet, but the problem with this energy source is that is expensive and takes a long time to build the facilities to get things rolling. Solar energy is much easier to have installed and that’s why we were seeing its usage increase rapidly across the whole world, especially in the past ten years.

Solar Energy Lowers Electricity Bills

One of the top advantages of going solar is the ability to save money on your utility bills. Did you know that national average electricity costs have gone up on average about 2% per year for the last 25 years? These rates will continue to increase with higher electric demand and inflation, meaning your electric bill will likely soar even higher than it is now. By utilizing solar power from the sun’s energy, your panels will produce electricity to keep your home’s appliances running all while it reduces electricity bills. California, as a matter of fact, enjoys some of the highest savings across the nation. Many homeowners will save anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 per year! The average savings over a 20 year period is around $40,000, and that’s after you include the initial costs of installation! You can even use solar energy to heat up your water supply with solar powered water heaters!

More Savings With Solar Batteries

For those looking to almost or completely eliminate their utility bills, installing battery storage for your solar power system offers great benefits. When your solar panels produce excess energy during peak sunlight hours, a solar battery will store this energy for later use. Whether it be during the nighttime when panels are not producing energy, or during power outages. Solar battery storage makes sure that your appliances have access to backup power when they need it most. Think of it almost as a generator, but without the need for gas and a loud noise! Solar panels with battery storage are completely silent at all times!

Solar Energy Increases Home Value

​When real estate agents see a solar-powered home, they know instantly that the property value is going to be higher than one that’s energy needs rely completely on utility companies. The statistics vary as research is still somewhat new, but most agree that going solar is one of the most profitable home renovations you can make. We’ve seen property values increase from 5% to upwards of $50,000 and more! Solar adds the benefits of making your home worth more while making your electricity costs less!

If you want to turn a house into a home, install a few solar panels and watch your home’s value increase! Your neighbors will be envious of both your lower energy bills and the sun’s rays powering your everyday life, making them want to shop for homes with solar installed too. You will be an expert on the new technology before long, even hosting educational events for others in your neighborhood that are considering going solar! Perhaps they will not only look up to you; most likely, they’ll give you kudos after seeing their property value skyrocket as well! Be a leader in the community and ask local solar installers how you can get started on a free quote!

Solar Tax Incentives

​Next on our list of the top five benefits of deciding to go solar is the tax credits you will receive. For example, currently, most states including California offer the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) which takes 26% of the initial cost of your solar system and gives you a rebate for this amount on your federal taxes. That means you are essentially taking more than a quarter of the price off right from the get-go! Different states offer different incentives, and they are sure to keep popping up because our nation’s leaders are urging us to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and the power grid and start investing in solar energy systems!

Net Metering for Added Solar Savings

​There may be times where your solar panels produce more energy than what your home needs. If you have a solar battery, this excess power can be stored there for later use. However, if you do not have backup battery storage installed, you can sell this surplus energy back to the power grid and receive credit for it. This is one of the great key advantages of solar energy as it adds to your savings and makes sure that none of the renewable energy created goes to waste!

More Solar Power Means More Jobs

We said we’d keep it to five, but we couldn’t help ourselves to add this one in because it makes us so proud! As solar energy becomes more and more popular, the industry is only going to grow. Right now, solar employs about 300,000 people in the United States. That number is expected to rise significantly by 2022! With new advancements in technology and installation methods, as well as an increase in public demand, the solar industry is only going to grow more and more. If you’re looking for a stable job in a growing industry, look into solar jobs! You will have plenty of opportunities to help others go solar and make the world a little greener with renewable energy!

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

​While solar energy systems are a great option for practically every home or business, there are some things that some may consider drawbacks. It’s always important to consider everything when looking to make the switch, so take a look and see if these solar energy disadvantages apply to you.

High Initial Costs

Solar is by no means a cheap investment, and the savings you receive will far outweigh the initial costs. Still, some people get anxious that solar panels will be too expensive for them to install. The average home system costs around $15,000 before the solar tax credit is applied, which would then bring it down to just over $11,000. Most solar companies like Coastal Solar Palmdale help you avoid high upfront costs by offering solar installations for zero money down. We also offer financing options to those who qualify that will often times be less than what your electric bill is! With financing, the typical payback period for the cost of the solar system and installation is about 6 years. ​

Requires Space

​​In order to have solar panels installed on your home or business, you are going to need adequate roof space or enough land to be able to install a ground mount system. Some people believe that your roof must be facing South in order for solar panels to work, however, this is not the case. Your solar system can still receive adequate sunlight as long as it is not shaded by too many trees.

Must Be Installed Correctly

If your solar system is not properly installed, it can end up causing damage to your roof and your energy efficiency ratings will not be up to par. We understand that you may be trying to save money in any way you can as the costs to install solar panels are fairly high, but we strongly encourage you to hire professional installers. If your system is not producing clean energy to its fullest potential, then what money saved by doing it yourself you will lose in the long run as you will require more energy from the grid, and therefore won’t have those low electricity bills that you desire. Make sure that you are able to enjoy all the fantastic benefits that solar energy has to offer and go with your nearby solar experts!

Enjoy The Benefits Of Solar

​​So there you have it: five amazing benefits of making the switch to solar energy. Of course, there are many more reasons why the switch to solar is worthwhile. What are you waiting for? Go out and start shopping for your very own system today! You can contact reputable companies like Coastal Solar Palmdale over the phone to get started on your free quote!  

​Now that you know some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of solar energy, we hope you can now make an informed decision. If you choose that you want to enjoy all the benefits of solar energy and get the ball rolling with us today. We offer virtual free consultations and can come up with quotes in about an hour! Go with a local solar company in Palmdale that you can trust to get you the best deal on your solar system. We custom design all of our solar systems to meet our client’s energy needs. Whether you need rooftop solar panels or a ground mount set up, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right the first time.

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