Why Go Solar

Why Go Solar

Why Go Solar

There’s no doubt about it, solar panels are the way of the future. This renewable energy source has endless benefits for homeowners and business owners alike. Millions across the world are seeing the benefits of solar energy and are never turning back.

With the new California Solar Mandate requiring commercial buildings and multi-family homes to have solar energy and batteries, now is the perfect time to learn all about the advantages of this powerful alternative energy.

Why Go Solar

Solar power is natural and dependable

The sun is a natural resource that provides light and heat to the earth, which makes solar energy an excellent idea. Solar panels are made of silicon, one of the most abundant materials on earth. The tremendous benefits of solar energy include no emissions, no pollution, and it’s not reliant on fossil fuels. This renewable clean source can generate electricity for homes or businesses without harming our environment. There is also a 26% federal tax credit for installing new photovoltaic systems as well as state rebates in many states! If you’re considering switching to solar power then now’s the perfect time to do so before summer ends because installation prices will be cheaper during this time period as more people install their own panels at this time.

Solar is renewable energy

Solar energy is clean and renewable. Using solar power to provide electricity or heat water for your home is one of the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing your carbon footprint, you are helping to improve air quality, reduce pollution, and slow climate change.
Solar energy is cleaner than other sources of electricity because it doesn’t contribute to global warming or produce pollutants like fossil fuels and greenhouse gases do. It will never run out, as there is a virtually unlimited supply of sunlight.

Environmentally friendly

Most people know that solar power is cleaner than fossil fuels and will reduce carbon emissions, but many aren’t aware of the magnitude of this environmental benefit. Every ten homes in America powered with solar energy is equivalent to removing one car from the road. Solar panels also offset greenhouse gas emissions and help mitigate climate change by avoiding air pollutants like:

· Sulfur dioxide (released during the mining of coal)

· Nitrogen oxides (generated by vehicle exhaust and power plant emissions)

By using solar energy to provide electricity or heat water for your home, you are avoiding these pollutants. This helps improve air quality and reduces pollution in your community.

Solar power is also better for the environment because it won’t contribute to habitat destruction or ocean dead zones like our current energy resources do.

On average, one gallon of gasoline generates 19 pounds of CO2 when burned, while one square foot of solar panel produces about one-and-a-half pounds of CO2 over an entire year. Burning coal, oil, and natural gas for electricity generation are responsible for more than 40 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar panels will save money on electric bills

As you can see, there are numerous benefits that solar energy provides for the environment. Solar also has a ton of financial benefits as well. To start, solar energy will drastically reduce the cost of your monthly utility bill. It’s this benefit that leads many people to consider going solar in the first place. The average cost for an electricity bill in the United States is about $140 per month, this is due to the national average electricity rate being close to $10.42 per kilowatt-hour. In California, the electric bill for the average homeowner is usually a bit higher and creeps up into the $170 range for a median-sized family home. In some cases, the electricity rate can be up to double the national average!

Eliminate electricity bills

By getting a solar panel installation for your home, you can heavily reduce the cost of these high utility bills, and in some cases eliminate your electric costs altogether. California enjoys some of the highest solar savings across the country, in large part thanks to the long peak sun hours we receive. Palmdale, for example, gets an average of nearly 6 peak sun hours per day. It’s during these hours that solar panels are producing the most power for your home or business. Since solar cells generate power from direct sunlight, California is a prime location for solar panel installation.

Solar energy costs are predictable

Your monthly solar bill will be low and consistent, while standard electricity rates from the utility company are anything from that. We’ve seen inflation in the electricity rate over the years, and that is almost certain to continue as the electricity demand increases. Did you know that Americans are now facing an electric bill that is 30% more expensive than it was a decade ago? The statistics are staggering, and local solar companies like ourselves are working every day to meet energy needs with the sun’s power.

Solar Tax Credits

The savings don’t stop at your electricity bill, tax incentives are amongst the multiple reasons to go solar. Currently, the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit is giving homeowners a 26% rebate on their federal taxes for the total cost of your solar panel installation. That means if you install a solar system for a cost of $15,000, you will receive a reduction in your taxes! It’s important to act fast on this deal, it was already extended once through December 2021, but as soon as the new year hits in 2022 this rebate will drop to 22%. This is still a great deal, but right now is the best time to make a solar purchase.

A solar panel system will increase property value

Solar panels are one the best home improvements you can make to your home to increase its value. Statistics vary and things will become more clear as more family homes switch to solar panels, but currently, there is at least an estimated 4% increase in resale value. Other statistics predict that your home value increases $4,000 to $6,000 per kilowatt (kW) installed. The average-sized solar system installed for a residential home is a 6 kW system, meaning you are looking at $24,000 to $36,000, making this a fantastic return on investment considering the cost of this solar energy system would only be around $15,000 before the tax rebate is even applied!

Sell excess energy back to the utility grid

When your solar panels produce excess energy, you can sell it back to the power grid and receive a money credit. This is a fantastic option as you aren’t wasting the energy you aren’t using. This excess energy can also be advantageous during a power outage. If you have solar batteries installed and on the off-grid system, your home will be able to keep appliances running with its own power even during power outages.

Today’s solar panels are durable and are built to last. They require minimal maintenance and many solar energy systems will last 25+ years before you even need to consider replacing them. The reason for new solar panels at this stage is due to the fact that solar panels will see a slight decrease in energy production after about a quarter of a century. When you decide to go solar, you are investing in a reliable energy source that is only improving every year.

Is solar affordable?

Many future clients approach us with concerns that installing solar panels will not fit their budget, but we can honestly say this is far from the truth. It will cost on average $12,000-$17,000 to have solar panels installed, but remember you also get 26% of this cost back with the current solar tax credit. Many solar companies offer you to go solar for zero money down and have great financing options, so you are absolutely not paying all of this out of pocket right away. In fact, often times your monthly expenses with your financed solar bill will be less than what you currently pay for energy bills.

If you are still worried about solar prices, you can always look into a power purchase agreement or solar loans to make it even more affordable to make the switch. At the end of a power purchase agreement, the developer will usually allow you to buy the system outright.

How much money will I save when I go solar

When you factor in the cost of a solar installation, the tax credit, lower electric bills, and potential net metering, you can save on average $35,000 to upwards of $60,000 over a 20 year period. This is significant financial savings, and of course, let’s not forget the environmental benefits when you go solar!

Thanks to improved technology in the solar industry, there are now many different solar panel options available to best suit your needs. Monocrystalline solar panels are widely considered the industry best for residential homes, as they are extremely durable and produce electricity at a very efficient rate. Other options include the cost-effective polycrystalline and thin film solar panels, while biohybrid and concentrated PV cells are poised to take place as the new solar solution we’ve been waiting for.

Benefits of solar for the local ecomony and stock market

​When homeowners or businesses decide to install solar electricity, they will save money on electricity costs which will give them more money left over to spend and stimulate the economy. Solar companies also create more jobs across the country. Several states saw a 15-20% increase in job growth from local solar companies, and this along with the environmental benefits is why federal and state governments are supportive of people going solar. You can also now invest in solar stocks which have seen a significant increase in relevance as more people move away from reliance on foreign oil.

Plenty of reasons to go solar

​After looking at the environmental impact, lower electricity costs, improvements in the solar industry, and more, the question turns from “Why go solar?” to “Why have I not yet?!” We understand this is a significant investment, but it’s clear that with the continued technological advancements and this renewable energy now being more affordable than ever, the return on investment is undeniable. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to get the ball rolling on a solar energy system for your home, give a call to Coastal Solar Palmdale and speak with one of our experts. We will lead you in the right direction no matter what step you are at in the process. When you want to make an investment that will pay you back for years and years to come, going solar is the right move for you.

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